Tigra’s Flyer™

Silicone Tigra's FlyerThis is a new product designed by me, Jason Savage. It’s essentially a small Frisbee type throwing device that can be folded and carried in your pocket. It’s made of 20 durometer silicone. Now you can be ready for some tossing fun and exercise anytime. You don’t have to carry a hard disk around. I named this flying ring after one of my favorite rescues – Tigra Tiger.

The flyer’s curved surface is based on the heavy lift capacity Eppler 1233 airfoil. The fins produce drag or turbulence. The overall diameter is 6.5 inches. The center opening is 3.875 inches. Having a center opening reduces weight and offers more catching options.

New Tigra's Flyer PackagingThere are literally hundreds of different throwing disks on the market. This is the only one, to my knowledge, made of very soft silicone. The distinctive coloration is designed to remind throwers of the tiger. Imbossing on the underside features the foundation’s Web site URL. The Net Proceeds from sales will go to implement the Tiger Preservation Initiatives (TPI). I hope that incentive will encourage people to purchase Tigra’s Flyer™.

The distinctive packaging and the flyer itself are designed to focus attention on the tiger and its fight for survival. Our target market is the younger generation. Ultimately, if the tiger is going to survive, they will need to get involved with the efforts to save the species.