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A Reason for Optimism

Today I read an article in Mongabay that presents some hope for the wild tiger. Two decades ago I didn’t think I would be reading this. Here is a link to the article. There is still a long way to go, but there is reason for hope that the wild tiger will survive.

Woman Attacked by Jaguar at Arizona Zoo

A comment about the jaguar attack at the Phoenix Zoo.

Latest Figures on the Wild Tiger Population

I’ve done a lot of writing over the past twenty years on tigers. Here are the latest figures I read on a site that was conducting a quiz on your knowledge of tigers. It’s estimated there are only 3,890 tigers currently left in the wild. “Between 2000 and 2015 alone, at least 1,755 tigers were […]

Transition to WordPress

I have just completed our transition to WordPress from an html driven site. The need to be mobile friendly was one of the motivating factors. Papers I’ve written over the years are now available as PDF files. I am going to be transforming some of these documents into blog pages so they too will be […]

Subspecies Purity vs Generic Animals

Subspecies Purity vs. Generic Animals Scientific Dogma At Odds With Reality Did you even hear people talking about how healthy and well adjusted their generic pound dog was compared to the high strung, temperamental, expensive pure bred? Generics can be perfectly healthy, fine looking animals. In the case of tigers and other endangered species where […]

Tiger Populations

Wild Tiger Population Worldwide Estimated In 1900 100,000 From the International Tiger Information Center: “Forestry and wildlife departments are too understaffed and under budgeted to be effective against this onslaught (poaching). Conservation efforts that emphasize increased protection for large felids like tigers have failed or are failing across all of Asia. Simply put, tigers are […]