Tiger Preservation Initiative

Tiger Preservation Initiative

The Tiger Preservation Initiative (TPI) logo features Dr. Michael Bleyman and one of his favorite tigers - Romeo. That photo was taken by Bob Donnan at the Carnivore Preservation Trust when Michael was alive. Since Dr. Bleyman devoted his life to saving the tiger, I thought it fitting to honor him in this continuing effort.

Vision of a new tiger preserve.Building a new preserve having the natural habitats I envision is an expensive and monumental task. At present, funds raised will be directed to the Tiger Preservation Initiative™, an effort to identify and catalog unrelated pairs of generic tigers based on Dr. Bleyman's research. That catalog can then be used as a guide for a sustainable, managed breeding program. Preserves having viable tigers would be encouraged to participate. The goal is to save the tiger without the constraints of trying to maintain sub-species purity. Based on available funds, there are three other objectives.

One: Honor Dr. Michael Bleyman and his work through the Dr. Michael Bleyman Save The Tiger Fellowship.

University of North Carolina college seniors who intend to further their education in the field of genetics or zoology will be invited to apply. Particular interest will be paid to students who can demonstrate how their pursuit will help save the tiger. A select committee will decide the recipient. The fellowship will be $10,000. We will announce the fellowship application via this Web site, social media, e-mail, and press releases.

Two: Sponsor a selected tiger rescue. We will work with an existing preserve in their effort to save a particular tiger from deplorable conditions, as we did with Tigra.

Three: Identify and implement a fund-raising approach that will raise the capital necessary to build a new preserve that focuses on generic tigers and their long-term management based on Dr. Bleyman's genetic research.

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