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Willie Tiger

I would like to introduce you to Willie. He was rescued from a terrible place and given a new home. I took this photo when he was resting atop his new den. A Limited Edition Canvas Giclee of Willie is available through TigersTime Studios.

Jason SavageWelcome to the Zoe Foundation. My name is Jason Savage. Mission Statement: "The Zoe Foundation's mission is to attempt to save the tiger, panthera tigris, as a species through captive breeding and sound scientific genetic management of a captive population. Reintroduction in the wild could be attempted when safe ranges are determined to exist."

That mission statement represents a vision, one instilled in me by the late Dr. Michael Bleyman. The habitat rendition you see below was done by a fine commercial artist in Portugal, Ricardo Garces. His love for tigers is evident.

I invite you to read over my papers, review my slide shows, and watch our videos.

Building a new preserve having the natural habitats I envision is an expensive and monumental task. Unless an enormous amount of money can be raised through sales of the Floppy Flyer, a majority of the proceeds will be directed to the Tiger Preservation Initiative™, a plan to identify and catalog unrelated pairs of generic tigers based on Dr. Bleyman's research. That catalog could be used as a guide for a sustainable, managed breeding program. Preserves having viable tigers would be encouraged to participate. The goal is to save the tiger without the constraints of trying to maintain sub-species purity. Based on available funds, there are three other objectives.

One will be to honor Dr. Michael Bleyman and his work through the Dr. Michael Bleyman Save The Tiger Fellowship.

Second, the sponsorship of a selected tiger rescue. Depending on available funds designated for this purpose, we would work with an existing preserve in their effort to save a particular tiger from deplorable conditions, as we did with Tigra.

Third, identify and implement a fund-raising approach that would raise the capital necessary to build a new preserve that focuses on generic tigers and their long-term management based on Dr. Bleyman's genetic research.

If you love tigers, share you thoughts on Twitter - @zoetigers. Follow the links on our menu for more information.

The Ranthambhore Vision

The Floppy Flywheel

The Tiger Preservation Initiative
Help save the tiger! Throw a Floppy Flyer™
. Click here for more information about the flyer and our Indiegogo presentation.
The Tiger Preservation Initiative. Read more about it here.



Habitat Rendition by Ricardo Garces

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