Jason and Tigra - Save the TigersIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the Zoe Foundation. Our mission is three fold. One - work to save the endangered tiger as a species with a focus on healthy generic tigers as an alternative to sub-species concentration. Extinction Is Not An Option™! Two - when appropriate and feasible, aid in the rescue of a tiger or tigers that are subject to intolerable conditions or immediate destruction. Three - Keep the memory of Dr. Michael Bleyman alive through the Tiger Preservation Initiative (TPI).

The tiger is still losing ground. Globalization, habitat encroachment, loss of prey, and poaching have exacted a devastating toll on one of the world's most mystical, powerful, and magnificent creatures. I invite you to read my papers on the tiger's plight. It's possible the information might move you to take some action on their behalf. At the very least, you'll better understand my position on how the species can realistically be saved before extinction.

Best Wishes,
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Jason Savage

Can We Save the Tiger?

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New Tigra's Flyer Packaging

If the tiger can be saved, we will need to get young people involved. I designed this flyer to raise awareness and funds for the TPI.  Check it out!

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