The Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge

Jason and Tigra

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The Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge is truly a unique fundraising event. Let me introduce myself. I am Jason Savage, founder and director of the Zoe Foundation, a 501 c3 non-profit organization. The foundation is a member of the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to help save the tiger before extinction. I am also a digital artist. I invite you to read my CV.

I designed the Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge as a fundraiser for the foundation. The challenge is who – out of fifty fundraisers – can achieve the highest donation total in a fixed amount of time. Since I am a chamber member, I would like all participants to come from Fuquay-Varina. My investment into the success of this challenge is the coordination and incentives. 

Dr. Michael Bleyman and RomeoFunds raised will be directed toward the foundation’s #2 goal, honoring the late Dr. Michael Bleyman. He was a Zoologist, world renowned tiger expert and my mentor. He was a professor at the University of North Carolina and founder of the Carnivore Preservation Trust in Pittsboro, NC. He dedicated his life to saving the tiger and other endangered species.

Here he is with one of his favorite tigers – Romeo. We want to commission a bas-relief sculpture of this image. Placement of the original is yet to be determined. Miniatures will be made available to collectors with proceeds going to the foundation.

I invite you, as a business or individual, to sign up as a fundraiser to compete in this Save the Tiger Challenge. Help us honor Dr. Bleyman. I welcome your participation and support. Please read the following Q&A. Then click the Fundraiser Registration button.

Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge Poster
Notifying Your Customers
12″ x 18″ Poster for Business Participants


What are the Save the Tiger Challenge objectives?

1) Increase exposure for the Zoe Foundation.
2) Raise funds to help the foundation achieve its goals.
3) Design & produce a Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute. The original and prints will be used as incentives for fundraisers and supporters. In addition, prints will be donated to the Chamber of Commerce to help promote Fuquay-Varina.

Who can register as a fundraiser?

Any individual or business that has an active social media presence. There is a 50 participant maximum.

Are there any incentives for a fundraiser’s participation?


1) The overall winner will receive the Grand Prize, the original La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute. (Estimated value if done as a commission – $4,250) They will also receive 150 La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute lithographs. (Retail Value: $3,000)

Second Place will receive 100 lithographs. (Retail Value: $2,000)

Third Place will receive 50 lithographs. (Retail Value: $1,000)

2) Each fundraiser raising $350 will receive one ticket entering them into a Fundraisers Only drawing for a signed & numbered, limited edition, canvas La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute Giclee. (Retail Value: $685) There will be 10 Giclees available. For every $100 raised above $350, a fundraiser will receive one additional ticket into the drawing. Fundraisers will be notified about the drawing location and date. You do not have to be present to win.

3) Each fundraiser raising the $200 minimum will receive 10 signed La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute lithographs (Retail Value: $350) and a free business listing on the Raleigh Local Business List website – a $60 value.

How are the overall winners determined?

The fundraisers (competitors) raising the most money via donations for the Zoe Foundation through FirstGiving will be the overall winners.

How will a fundraiser reach prospective supporters and collect donations?

This will be accomplished through FirstGiving, a well respected, peer to peer, online fundraising service. Fundraisers will not be required to collect any money. Fundraisers will use their social media platforms, or any other method they choose, to reach their followers/customers to request support for the Zoe Foundation. Fundraisers will direct their prospective supporters to their personal FirstGiving page where donations will be accepted electronically.

Can I have an employee, family member or friend run my social media campaign?


Helpful Documents and Links:
Peer to Peer Fundraising (PDF)
Instagram for Peer to Peer Fundraising (PDF)
Drawing Rules (PDF)
Personal fundraising page on FirstGiving website. (Example)

What is the duration of the challenge?

To be decided cooperatively by the fundraisers. All fundraisers will begin the challenge at the same time. My thought is a ‘Lightning Round’ event; maybe 30 days.

Is there a Fundraiser registration fee?

Yes. $25

Does the Fundraiser have to commit to raising a minimum amount from supporters?

Yes. $200

Are there any incentives for supporters to donate?

Yes. There are several spirited reasons a supporter can be moved to make a donation. One, and hopefully the most important, they are concerned about the tiger’s plight and will support an organization trying to help save the species. Two, they love Fuquay-Varina and will support efforts to help promote the town. Three, a trusted business or individual (Fundraiser) requests their support.

In addition, a supporter making a donation of $20 or more will be entered into a Supporter Only raffle. They will have 50 chances to win. Raffle Prizes: Five signed & numbered, limited edition, La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute Giclees and forty-five signed La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute lithographs. Donors will be notified about the drawing location and date. You do not have to be present to win.

A fundraiser’s success will depend on how their appeal is crafted on their personal FirstGiving page. A personal, passionate appeal to help the Zoe Foundation with a focus on saving the tiger is very important. Information about the Supporters Only raffle, the Grand Prize that will be awarded to the top fundraiser, and the lithographs going to the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce are points of interest. It’s up to each fundraiser to decide what kind of appeal they are going to make to their constituents.

How will this event benefit the town of Fuquay-Varina?

Since this event is driven by social media, there is a huge potential for collateral publicity. The carryover from this event is the original La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute and lithographs. Following the completion of the challenge, the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce will receive 500 La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute lithographs. (Retail Value: $10,000)  These can be sold or given to chamber visitors. There are many ways the lithograph can be used to help promote the chamber and the city.

What is the La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute?

I have been designing tribute collages using digitally created puzzle pieces for over twenty years. It’s my trademark. You can take a closer look at my tributes here – My City Series lithographs are designed for the tourist who wants to take home a souvenir depicting the city’s landmarks.

The Charleston PuzzleTo the right is my L’ Enigme de Charleston. It’s not a real puzzle. It’s an 18” x 24” lithograph. Each puzzle piece outline displays a different Charleston landmark. In addition to the puzzle format, the other unique feature is the use of my hand drawn Gothic lettering. They are graphically embossed within the piece; they surround the graphics or both. Discovering and then reading imparts a message to the viewer. I call my work ‘Resolvative Art’. The piece is resolved (completed) when the message is read. Click the graphic to view an enlargement.

Since I work in the digital realm, I have never done what can be called a digital original. An original (in the digital world) is first printed (usually on canvas) and then the artist hand paints a portion of the piece, thus making it an original.

I have produced one off tributes where the digital files are destroyed, making the piece irreplaceable unless it was scanned or photographed and then reproduced. Since I am not a painter, I never gave a lot of thought to painting on one of my canvas pieces. How can I do a bonafide original canvas without retouching it with paint? The answer came to me while developing this event.

I’m going to make individual puzzle pieces out of basswood, affix a canvas image on each piece and assemble the puzzle permanently on a backing board. The piece will then be framed. I now have a hand crafted original. The La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute original will be the Grand Prize in the Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge. Lithographs and Giclee prints will be made from the original. The lithograph is the carryover that can be used to help promote Fuquay-Varina.

The La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute will have 30 pieces, each depicting a city landmark. I decided to use Fuquay-Varina as the subject for this tribute rather than the tiger because I wanted to create a piece that could serve a duel purpose. The Fuquay-Varina tribute will be the reward incentive for the Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge fundraisers and supporters. The lithographs can help promote the city. I have a tiger tribute ready that will be used in a future crowd funding event for a new product. Net proceeds from sales of that product will go to the foundation.

The La Enigme de Fuquay-Varina City Series Tribute will be produced following the completion of the Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge. If you have any questions, please contact me.