The Zoe Foundation Save the Tiger Challenge

Are you a social media Guru?
Are you concerned about the tiger’s fight for survival?
Are you a competitor at heart?
This event is for you!

Jason and Tigra
Jason Savage & Tigra

Why the Challenge?

Honoring a Preservationist

The Zoe Foundation wants to raise funds to commission a bas-relief sculpture to honor and remember the late Dr. Michael Bleyman.

Promote the Zoe Foundation

This challenge will promote the foundation and our goals to help save the tiger. Your participation is the cornerstone of this event.

Michael and Romeo
"Dr. Michael Bleyman and one of his favorite tigers - Romeo. Dr. Bleyman dedicated his life to saving endangered carnivores, especially the tiger."
Tiger Preswervation Initiative Logo
Dr. Michael Bleyman
Founder - Carnivore Preservation Trust

"If you are a social media Guru, this event is for you!"